ASLA Program
The Happy Kids After School Language Arts (ASLA) Program was first established in 1996 out of a request from our former students’ parents who were looking for a way to continue the high level of English their children had acquired from attending our Day Program. Like the Day Program, the ASLA Program offers a fun and pressure-free learning environment that not only academically prepares students for success with English but also reinforces our core values of nurturing kids who are kind, honest, resilient, imaginative, expressive, and always growing. Our program puts process over product and emphasizes character development along with academic progress.


The ASLA Program offers an immersive English language arts curriculum which uses Into Reading published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) to form the core of its instructional materials. Into Reading is a new curriculum that leverages the most recent research in English language arts teaching and learning and is rapidly being adopted by American and International schools in Taiwan and abroad. It is a comprehensive program designed to meet the latest American standards in language arts for grades one through six. Using Into Reading allows us to use quality literature and learning materials as the foundation for the ASLA Program’s curriculum with a focus on continuous literacy development and targeted practice in the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The educational goals and learning objectives of Into Reading are standardized and allow our students to work through a set sequence of materials at each grade level, preparing them to advance through the program successfully year to year.

To supplement the Into Reading curriculum, our certified and experienced teachers also design extension activities every month that focus less on rote workbook activities and more on the process of learning and the hands-on exploration of a topic of interest usually based on the literature covered over the month. Extension projects and activities allow students to experience and practice a variety of tasks and topics while using their English.

Suggested Reading Lists
It is impossible to understate the importance of regular reading practice for language development. Our most successful ASLA students are the ones who make a commitment to read often and regularly. For this reason, Happy Kids invests a tremendous amount of time and resources into encouraging and fostering healthy reading habits including building and maintaining our awesome school library, giving kids time each week to read in the library, and our Annual ASLA Reading Challenge.

We thank our parents who help encourage healthy reading habits at home for their kids. You are instrumental in your child’s success. For our students and parents who would like help or suggestions for what to read, we have prepared suggested reading lists for each grade. These titles are appropriate for their grade level and compelling for young readers. Also, they are personally recommended by our awesome team of Happy Kids teachers.

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